Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year...

    We didn't do to much for our New Years Eve we played the Wii and played board games because we are children adults and that's what adults do right? 2012 was a year full of ups and downs but a year we will never forget. It was the year that I hopefully have had my last surgery, the year we became stronger as a couple and the year we decided to start a family together. Now that we have a whole new year to make memories and experience so much more. This year we have so much planned and are so excited to see what is to come. Like any other people we of course have the new years resolutions. Mine (Harper) are to lose weight because yes I am real original, finish up my school, and raise the money and save they rest of the money we need to get our babies. Kris' new years resolutions are to find a better job that she loves, and also save and raise the money we need to get our babies. We are hoping this new year brings us happiness and blesses us with amazing opportunities. I hope you all had amazing holidays and may the new year bring you complete happiness. I am oddly glad to say I return back to work tomorrow, I love my job and miss all the kids so much! Ready for this New Year bring it on 2013.

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