Sunday, January 20, 2013

Resolution In Full Affect!

    Well I didn't start my new years resolutions right at the beginning of the year but have started this last week and a half, better late then never right? I am determined to lose all this extra weight I am caring around. I have gained way to much after moving to Texas and going through all the infertility issues, so now time to get back to being healthy.

     After thinking about what I want to do to get healthy I finally decided on using Green Smoothies and Paleo to make this weight loss happen. My new daily routine is for breakfast I make a green smoothie and take my daily medication plus Flax Seed Oil, a vitamin, and a Pure Green Coffee Bean Supplement that Dr. Oz recommended. (Yes, I will try some things even if they sound ridiculous). If I want snacks I will have peanuts, almonds, tangerine, or pistachios and limit my amount to a small hand full. Lunch I eat a portioned meal that has a protein, vegetable and a fruit. I do not eat anything processed. Example of a meal I ate today was ground turkey with peas and corn mixed in and for my fruit I had a tangerine. Finally, for dinner I will make another green smoothie. Through out the day I drink a ton of water, drinking a lot of water will often times curve your appetite.

      For those that want to know for my green smoothies I use:

                  1 cup Coconut Milk
                   1/2 a Banana (can be frozen of fresh)
                   4-6 Strawberries
                   3 cups Spinach
                  1 tbs Flax Seed Meal
I put it all in the blender and blend it up then drink it. For those who want to try but don't like Spinach I am happy to tell you that you can not taste any of the Spinach (Kris hates Spinach and loved it, plus I didn't tell her there was Spinach in it). I have also used different fruits like Pineapple, Orange, and Pear but remember fruit is high in carbs so limit how much you put in. Also, the Spinach can be replaced with Kale if wanted. I am working on figuring out a good no fruit Green Smoothie but so far no such luck.

      For exercise I will admit I don't do a whole lot right now. I work with children so chasing them around is a work out most of the time. I have also been walking around the park near my house twice a day. I usually walk around it 2-3 times before heading home. I have yet to see how far that is so I am not exactly sure how many miles it it if I had to guess I think maybe 1.5-2 miles, but that is just a guess and I am not very good at measurements I am always off. I do however, plan to start maybe next week Insanity, I own it but have yet to try it. I figured after spending the money on it I should probably do it and get this body in shape.

    So, for now this is my routine and so far it has worked amazingly well! Once I lose more weight I will add in another portioned meal instead of the green smoothie or I will do 5-6 small meals a day depending on my work schedule. I will keep you all updated on my progress and if anyone has any questions or suggestions please let me know! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend.

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