Sunday, April 21, 2013


            I started bootcamp on Monday and so far it is not that bad. I thought having to be there at five in the morning was going to be much harder then I thought but it has not been that bad. Luckily I don't have to be to work until noon so I have been going to bootcamp, get home eat, shower then go back to bed for a little before work so it has worked out perfectly. After my first day I was feeling good and so proud of myslef for getting up and going, the next day however I was not feeling that great I was so so incredible sore. I did not even want to turn over in bed or get up for that matter I was tempted to buy adult diapers so I wouldn't have to get up during the day (Yes, I am that pathetic) but I didn't I sucked it up and even went for a walk that day. Thankfully on Wednesday when I had bootcamp again my muscles where feeling much better. Then came Friday and ever Friday is ball day, where we bring the big yoga type balls and I was thinking oh this should be a easy day how bad can it be if all excerises involve this ball, oh boy was I wrong! I now have a hate towards that stupid blue ball and no longer look forward to Friday ball day. I am looking forward to seeing how in the next three weeks of bootcamp I progress with being able to do more and my body change. Keep tuned for a update in a three weeks!

         Next post will be a baby front update!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Good Bye Tonsils

        I was completely terrified to go get my tonsils out but I did it! I was so sick to my stomach the week of my surgery I barely ate or slept and I was dumb and watched YouTube videos of people getting their tonsils out so not a good idea. The morning of the surgery I was so scared but was glad Kris was able to come with me I would have hated it if she wasn't there. Surgery went amazingly well and the doctor told me that it was good I got them taken out they were badly scarred and had a lot of holes in them, so I am glad that it was worth it! 
        Healing after was pure torture. He had told me it would be bad but me being me I was like no I got this I am going to be a tough on, oh man was I wrong. I was in so much pain and misery thank the heavens above for pain medicine. I was having to take it every 4 hours on the dot because I couldn't survive without it. On day three I was so miserable and was having trouble breathing so Kris took me to the ER where they gave me a steroids, fluids and morphine through and IV and that night I was feeling pretty good. (I wished they would just let me take some morphine home it was so much more effective). It took me a good week and a half to be fully off the pain medication and back to being able to eat regular food. I talked funny for a little while and I was afraid it was going to stay like that. I went back to work a week and two days after my surgery which shocked some people because normally people can't go back to work for 2 plus weeks, so I guess I was a tough one after all. I am now fully healed and back to my normal voice thank goodness. The plus to all this is that I lost 13 pounds in the process! I am working on keeping those off and even start my bootcamp in the morning at 5a.m which I am not looking forward to waking up so early but I promised Kris she would have a hot fit girlfriend soon so guess I better go. To anyone getting their tonsils out or thinking about it I would say it is worth it but be prepared it is not an easy recovery for adults. The doctor told me a 4 year old would recover in a few days but for some reason the older you are the worse it is, so not cool.