Sunday, January 27, 2013


     I am not working 2 jobs one full time and one part time job and going to school taking 15 units. My feet hurt, my body if sore, and I don't even know what day of the week it is more then half the time. My full time job right now is as a Hospitality Specialist/CNA and it is exhausting. Working 10 hour days for 4 days then 4 days off. My part time job I am still working with children with disabilities not as much anymore which makes me sad I miss my kids so much. I also just interviewed for an ABA Therapist job which I am praying I get. My true passion is working with children with disabilities.

      Keeping up with my school work on top of working is difficult sometimes. I have all my weekly calendars for all five of my class hung up on the wall in the bedroom so that I know what is to when and what needs to get done. It looks ridiculous and not so pretty, I told Kris it's how we will now decorate our room from now on.

      Staying on top of everything and working so much while trying to keep up with each other and have time with one another is not easy at all but worth it. When I wake up sore or am at work and my feet are aching I just remember I am working my but off because I am determined to save the money to get our babies. I imagine little faces, family trips, and just cuddle time and it all goes away. I am determined to get the money we need to get our babies no matter how much pain.

     On the side note my diet is not going to well but that too I am determined to get back on track. (Stupid PMS I swear) So for this week its all about determination!

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