Monday, December 10, 2012

You never think....

   Today was suppose to be filled with happiness I had finished my last final and had the day off from work to just relax and get errands done like take my dogs to the vet for shots. After my final I called my mom on my drive home like usual we always chat but this time it was filled with bad news and sorrow. One of my friends who I grew up with and played basketball with her Mother was diagnosed with lung cancer awhile back which was a shock to all of us because she hasn't ever smoked and took good care of herself. Her Mother had surgery to remove part of her lung and started chemo to make sure that is was all gone. My friend who also lives in Texas with her husband moved back to California leaving her work, school and her husband to help take care of her Mother. She never even hesitated at the idea and has the most loving husband who supported her in her move while he stayed in Texas. Everything was going great they surgery went amazingly well and she started the chemo and was doing well on chemo. Everything was looking up, until recently. Her Mom went in for a routine check up with a MRI, CAT Scan and blood work we were all expecting it to come back with no signs of anything little did we know. Her cancer has spread into her brain were there are two tumors that are not small, this is devastating news. My friend's brother who was in Afghanistan was flown home to be with his Mom and if any of you know anything about the military they only do this when it is a extremely serious matter that is life threatening or not looking good at all. I am in a complete state of shock and disbelieve. Her mom is an amazingly strong woman and is always being so positive in such a rough time, she truly inspires me. We are all trying to stay as positive and continuing to pray. All the well wishes and positive thoughts are needed at this time.

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